Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hey everyone!
I've been really rubbish at posting recently because I've just had my GCSE art exam which has been taking up an awful lot of my time, which really sucks as I wanted to get into the good habit of posting regularly. I won't even be able to post much in the next couple of weeks due to more exams (I have 10 altogether...) which I'm not very happy about, but I will hopefully be going shopping this Saturday so will maybe be able to do a haul if I find some nice things.
So here is just a quick NOTD that I've really enjoyed doing as I love painting my nails and hardly get round to it!

I started by painting them with Blue Moon by Barry M which is a colour that I really love but it took me 4 coats to make it opaque! 4!!

I then painted over them in layers with Amethyst Glitter by Barry M to create this sort of 'ombred' effect. I find it to be a really good glitter nail polish as you don't need loads of layers to get it to cover your nail, you could use it as a nail polish on its own if you wanted. The only problem I have with it is that it's almost impossible to get off! I always find that the cotton pad I'm putting nail varnish remover on sort of gets pulled apart by the glitter which is never fun :( Does anyone know a good way of getting off glitter nail polish?

Hope you've enjoyed this quick post! xx 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Carboot Haul!

Hey everyone,
I woke up bright and early this morning (7.30), like I do every Sunday, to go to the car boot with my mum. I haven't bought anything from the car boot in over a month which has been pretty disheartening but I've still been going as I love just looking around - but today all of a sudden my luck changed and I bought loads! So I thought I'd do a small haul to show you what I've bought.

  • Brown leather satchel - £5
  • Black size 5 Doc Martens - £3
  • Black size 9 Doc Martens - £5
  • Decorative tin - free

I absolutely love this satchel - it's in great condition, is real leather and is the perfect size to fit school books in. I couldn't believe it when I heard it was only £5, especially compared to satchels such as the ones from the Cambridge Satchel Company that cost the best part of £100! 

I also got this little tin with deer (possibly reindeer?) and birds on it which I think is so cute! I always seem to be admiring tins but never want to buy them as I don't know what to do with them, but one of the guys who sells at the car boot and knows my mum said I could have it for free as I'm so nice always helping my mum, how sweet! I've decided to put my nail varnishes in it because they're currently in an ex-sweet tin that is open and they don't really fit so I thought they could do with a change!

Another thing I bought is this pair of black DM's. I still can't believe I only got them for £3 - does no one know how much they cost originally! I bought them to sell on eBay but I made the mistake of trying them on and I really like them, though it would be ridiculously stupid to keep them as I already own a pair of black Doc Martens....

I then bought another pair of black DM's, these ones were £5 (still ridiculously cheap) and are a size 9 so there's no way I'll be keeping these for myself! I'll be selling these on eBay eventually, in order to get a bit of money for the summer.

The final things I bought were these little pieces that I'm going to make into jewellery. They cost £5 altogether which I'm pretty pleased with as they should have been £9 as the guy charges £1 per piece, but he's another carbooter who knows my mum so I get a discount, hooray! Most of them are little religious images but there's also a pretty cameo, a watch face and a teeny tiny lion door knocker!

 I have to say I think my favourite piece is this little cameo!

Hope you've all enjoyed reading about what I buy at the car boot, let me know in the comments if you'd like me to do this every time I go to the car boot, thanks! xx

Saturday, 20 April 2013

25 Things About Me

Hey everyone, seeing as I'm a new blogger I thought I'd tell you a few facts about me!

1: I am a quarter Transilvanian (yes, it IS a real place!)

2: I have green eyes

3: My real name isn't actually Scarlet, I just wanted to use it as it's what my parents were going to call me and I think it would've been awesome.

4: I have 2 cats, one is called Oscar and is siamese and the other is called Loki and is tonkinese (siamese X burmese)

5: I HATE bananas.

6: I'm hoping to go to university in Paris  after college (which I know is a long way off but Paris is my absolute favourite place I've ever been to)

7: I'm currently taking 13 GCSEs

8: I have a collection of mini perfumes / empty perfume bottles

9: I love programmes about hoarding (don't judge!)

10: There's a little part of me that's worried about becoming a crazy cat lady when I'm older who lives with about 10 cats and doesn't see anyone else

11: My favourite meal of the day is breakfast.

12: I've never been out of Europe

13: I've watched every episode of Friends about 10 times since I got the DVD box set a few Christmases ago...

14: I have 5 siblings but only live with one of them

15: I love going to car boot sales and go nearly every Sunday, even if I've been staying at a friend's house sometimes I leave at the crack of dawn to go to them

16: I'm allergic to shellfish

17: I'm really not looking forward to college as I'm afraid in the first couple of weeks (before I get to know anyone new) I won't be able to find anyone I know at lunch

18: The A levels I have picked are maths, biology, chemistry and psychology (sounds horrible, I know)

19: I love sending off for free samples (especially of tea!)

20: I'm only 5"4 which makes me feel very small standing next to my boyfriend who is over 6 foot...

21: I want to have my first kid by the time I'm 25

22: I eat all meat apart from pork

23: I hate exercising and have never enjoyed P.E. at school

24: Although I've never seen one, my favourite animal is an elephant

25: I hate going to the hairdressers.

Hope you've all enjoyed finding out a bit more about me, if you've done a 25 facts about yourself then please leave the link below as I love reading them! x 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Everyday OOTD

Just a quick OOTD here - this is just something I would wear on an average day if I was going to go and hang out with friends or maybe go shopping or something like that.

This is just my watch that I wear pretty much everyday - it's Casio, is silver with a burgundy face and can be found on many websites but I bought mine here at because it was the cheapest I could find. However, it seems as though it's gone up in price as I'm pretty sure I got mine for around £22! There are also a few other colours and I would highly recommend this watch as it goes with pretty much anything and is just so easy to wear.

 Here is my outfit - a men's t-shirt that I bought from the Adidas January sale for around £20. I wear this t-shirt so much and I love it as it goes with loads of my stuff and is pretty warm but could also be worn on it's own when it (eventually) gets a bit warmer. I am also wearing a pair of washed black denim vintage Levi's shorts that I bought from a vintage shop in Brighton called Dirty Harry that I love and has so many nice things in it that aren't a bad price either! I can't quite remember but I think the shorts were maybe around £20...

Hope you all enjoyed seeing what I've been wearing :) x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Prom Dress

Hey everyone! I'm really excited right now because I've just ordered my prom dress off the Virgoslounge website. I hadn't heard of this company before until I saw someone mention it on a blog and checked it out, I can't remember who's blog it was though - sorry! I've been looking for a while now because, although my prom's not until late June, I wanted to order something as soon as possible so I had time to receive the dress in the post and then send it back if it wasn't right, leaving time to still order another one... I've been looking for something not too 'prommy' as, 1. people at my school in previous years don't seem to have gone 'all out' so I don't want to look completely different to everyone else, and, 2. I want to have something I can wear more than once - like maybe at a formal occasion or something.



I just love the shape of it and the velvet and the detailing on the top and the low back and aaaah everything! I wasn't sure whether to get it or not because of the hefty price tag (£95) but when I saw it was reduced to £49.99 I just had to get it! And it's the sort of dress that's fancy enough for prom but then not so prommy that I can't wear it other times! Yay!

I've also found a pair of shoes from office that can be found here

I love them because I wanted some form of heel as I'm a tiddly 5"4 and I'm guessing most people will be wearing heels so I'd look even shorter in comparison, but I'm not very used to wearing heels so I thought these looked like they'd be easy to walk in. Also they go with the dress so hopefully I can get these soon!
What do you guys think of the dress and shoes? x

Jewellery Making Update!

Hey everyone! Today, some of the jewellery findings that I ordered from eBay a few days ago came in the post so I thought I'd do a quick post on what I have done with them. I made a post a couple of days ago which you can find here about how I re-discovered a box of old jewellery and there were a couple of bits that I couldn't fix yet because I hadn't got the right jewellery parts, and these are what came in the post.

The things I got in the post were some silver lobster clasps for 99p and some gold earring hooks (you know the bit that goes in your ear)  that were also 99p. They came really quickly which was great cause it meant that I could finish making these pieces of jewellery before I have to go back to school on Monday (cry!).

These are the drop earrings that I made and I really like them because I think they have a really nice vintage style about them. I'm keeping one pair for myself and I think I will sell the second pair on eBay if I ever get round to listing more things - which I usually don't.

And this is the necklace that I just added a lobster clasp to so it would do up. I'm not too sure about it but I really like the fact that it's a chain as I wear those all the time and it was just so simple to fix that I didn't want to throw it away!
Thanks for reading everyone, Wolfe x

Friday, 12 April 2013

First OOTD!

Hey everyone, today I've been wearing one of the crop tops that I made in my previous post so I thought I'd do my first ever outfit of the day! It's miserable weather outside so it was a bit silly of me wearing a crop top and having my tummy exposed but I hate not being able to wear something new as soon as I have it, so I went for it any way! Please excuse the awful quality of the photos, I have yet to invest in a better camera - sorry!

I thought I'd do several photos so you can see my many layers of clothing! I am wearing:

Black sheepskin jacket from antiques fair, £30
Purple and black Ben Sherman knitted cardigan, was my brother's but shrunk in the wash
Burgundy crop top (normal t-shirt from eBay made into crop top), £1.59

Topshop Joni Jeans, £36, W25 L28

Gold chain necklace from antiques fair, £2.50


I was also wearing my burgundy Vans (which are size 4 if anyone's wondering) - sorry they're so muddy!:(

Hope you've enjoyed this :) bye! x