Saturday, 13 April 2013

Prom Dress

Hey everyone! I'm really excited right now because I've just ordered my prom dress off the Virgoslounge website. I hadn't heard of this company before until I saw someone mention it on a blog and checked it out, I can't remember who's blog it was though - sorry! I've been looking for a while now because, although my prom's not until late June, I wanted to order something as soon as possible so I had time to receive the dress in the post and then send it back if it wasn't right, leaving time to still order another one... I've been looking for something not too 'prommy' as, 1. people at my school in previous years don't seem to have gone 'all out' so I don't want to look completely different to everyone else, and, 2. I want to have something I can wear more than once - like maybe at a formal occasion or something.



I just love the shape of it and the velvet and the detailing on the top and the low back and aaaah everything! I wasn't sure whether to get it or not because of the hefty price tag (£95) but when I saw it was reduced to £49.99 I just had to get it! And it's the sort of dress that's fancy enough for prom but then not so prommy that I can't wear it other times! Yay!

I've also found a pair of shoes from office that can be found here

I love them because I wanted some form of heel as I'm a tiddly 5"4 and I'm guessing most people will be wearing heels so I'd look even shorter in comparison, but I'm not very used to wearing heels so I thought these looked like they'd be easy to walk in. Also they go with the dress so hopefully I can get these soon!
What do you guys think of the dress and shoes? x


  1. very cute dress and good choice on the shoes. you want something comfy since you'll be dancing all night long!

    Delightful Ideas

  2. aw thank you! aha yeah i hope they are comfy