Saturday, 20 April 2013

25 Things About Me

Hey everyone, seeing as I'm a new blogger I thought I'd tell you a few facts about me!

1: I am a quarter Transilvanian (yes, it IS a real place!)

2: I have green eyes

3: My real name isn't actually Scarlet, I just wanted to use it as it's what my parents were going to call me and I think it would've been awesome.

4: I have 2 cats, one is called Oscar and is siamese and the other is called Loki and is tonkinese (siamese X burmese)

5: I HATE bananas.

6: I'm hoping to go to university in Paris  after college (which I know is a long way off but Paris is my absolute favourite place I've ever been to)

7: I'm currently taking 13 GCSEs

8: I have a collection of mini perfumes / empty perfume bottles

9: I love programmes about hoarding (don't judge!)

10: There's a little part of me that's worried about becoming a crazy cat lady when I'm older who lives with about 10 cats and doesn't see anyone else

11: My favourite meal of the day is breakfast.

12: I've never been out of Europe

13: I've watched every episode of Friends about 10 times since I got the DVD box set a few Christmases ago...

14: I have 5 siblings but only live with one of them

15: I love going to car boot sales and go nearly every Sunday, even if I've been staying at a friend's house sometimes I leave at the crack of dawn to go to them

16: I'm allergic to shellfish

17: I'm really not looking forward to college as I'm afraid in the first couple of weeks (before I get to know anyone new) I won't be able to find anyone I know at lunch

18: The A levels I have picked are maths, biology, chemistry and psychology (sounds horrible, I know)

19: I love sending off for free samples (especially of tea!)

20: I'm only 5"4 which makes me feel very small standing next to my boyfriend who is over 6 foot...

21: I want to have my first kid by the time I'm 25

22: I eat all meat apart from pork

23: I hate exercising and have never enjoyed P.E. at school

24: Although I've never seen one, my favourite animal is an elephant

25: I hate going to the hairdressers.

Hope you've all enjoyed finding out a bit more about me, if you've done a 25 facts about yourself then please leave the link below as I love reading them! x 

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