Saturday, 13 April 2013

Jewellery Making Update!

Hey everyone! Today, some of the jewellery findings that I ordered from eBay a few days ago came in the post so I thought I'd do a quick post on what I have done with them. I made a post a couple of days ago which you can find here about how I re-discovered a box of old jewellery and there were a couple of bits that I couldn't fix yet because I hadn't got the right jewellery parts, and these are what came in the post.

The things I got in the post were some silver lobster clasps for 99p and some gold earring hooks (you know the bit that goes in your ear)  that were also 99p. They came really quickly which was great cause it meant that I could finish making these pieces of jewellery before I have to go back to school on Monday (cry!).

These are the drop earrings that I made and I really like them because I think they have a really nice vintage style about them. I'm keeping one pair for myself and I think I will sell the second pair on eBay if I ever get round to listing more things - which I usually don't.

And this is the necklace that I just added a lobster clasp to so it would do up. I'm not too sure about it but I really like the fact that it's a chain as I wear those all the time and it was just so simple to fix that I didn't want to throw it away!
Thanks for reading everyone, Wolfe x


  1. Hi, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. The fruit nail art was £2.99 in H&M.
    I know the feeling, I also have to go back to school on Monday... Great post and cute blog.

    1. Great thanks for letting me know! I'm just glad I only have 4 weeks left forever haha.. Thank you :) x