Friday, 12 April 2013

DIY Crop Top

Hey everyone!
I went shopping the other day and tried on a crop top in Topshop that I've been eyeing up for a while as I thought it'd look great with high waisted jeans and shorts (perhaps when it gets a bit warmer). 

But as I looked at the £10 price tag, I thought to myself, isn't this just a normal t-shirt with the bottom cut off and the sleeves rolled up? (Yes, it is). So I decided that instead of spending £10 on one of the Topshop ones, I would just buy a plain t-shirt and do it myself!
I'm a bit of an eBay fanatic, so decided the best place to go for a cheap, plan t-shirt would be eBay! I spent a while searching for the cheapest one with relatively fast delivery and ended up with this one here. There were so many colours which was great and as I'm only a size 6 I could get away with buying a kids' t-shirt! I went with a size 14-15 just to be safe, but to be honest I probably could have gone a size down. I ordered one in burgundy and one in sky blue, which cost me £1.59 each and the seller combined the postage a bit which was a plus.

They only took a few days to arrive and as soon as they did, I was eager to turn them into Topshop - y crop tops. However, previously I have made the mistake of cutting tops way too short when I've tried to make them into crop tops, so I had a look on Pintrest to see if anyone had done a DIY tutorial on how to do them, as I remember before I found a really good one on how to turn jeans into shorts. This was the most useful one that I found - I've never considered using an existing crop top to help determine where to cut the top!
So after discovering this useful information, I gave it a go!

I put the pre-cut crop top (I forgot to take photos of the first top so this is when I cut the second!) over the uncut crop top on a hanger and pulled it down so they were lined up well. I then pinned this on in place so it didn't move without me realising.
Then, I carefully cut along this line all the way around!

It was difficult to cut the tops as neatly as I would have liked but if I can be bothered one day I may attempt to hem them to neaten them up, but you can't really notice the wobbly lines as the top sort of curls up. After removing the pins (and saving my silly cat from standing on them), I was left with 2 crop tops that I'm really pleased with!

Hope you've all enjoyed this little DIY post :) Lots of love, Wolfe x

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